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To deliver safe and successful operations in challenging conditions.  Our experience and state-of-the-art equipment makes us the preferred drilling contractor worldwide.

     Ziegenfuss Drilling, Inc. is a family owned drilling business which has operated continuously for four generations.  We own and operate all of the equipment required for any job.  We now have eight Barber drill rigs, and three Casa Grande C-8 drilling rigs.  This equipment enables us to drill 6” – 24” diameter holes in all type of formations (such as rock, sand, silt, clay, mine tailings and boulders).  This system which uses a dual rotary series, utilizes a rotary table to rotate and advance casing simultaneously.  The casing and drill bit makes one pass down the hole sealing the surface water off in rock formations.  Since we are drilling and casing simultaneously, this would eliminate the possibly of a cave-in during drilling.  This method of drilling is extremely fast and clean.  There are no additives such as revert or driller’s mud used.


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